Women’s Health Center

Women’s Health Center

The Center for Women’s Health

A woman’s journey through life takes her through various stages, including adolescence, childbearing years, midlife, and senior adulthood. The Center for Women’s Health at Hillsdale Hospital focuses on providing one-on-one care for any patient required to return for a follow-up mammogram.

A registered nurse will provide individualized care and services for patients needing to have additional views after a yearly mammogram, who have found a lump or have pain in the breast, or for any type of follow-up after surgery.

At Hillsdale Hospital, we understand the importance of providing clear, accurate information for you and your family.  The follow-up images will read by our radiologist, who specializes in mammography.  The results will be sent directly to your primary care physician and a Registered Nurse will call you, so you can make an appointment with your doctor to review the results.

Be assured that the medical professionals at Hillsdale Hospital will keep you fully informed throughout your testing and treatment, answering all your questions, and working with you to determine the treatment that’s right for you.