Occupational Therapy

We offer occupational therapy programs for a wide range of conditions, including rehabilitation for strokes, spinal cord injuries, hand therapy, fracture and strains, and office ergonomics. Our programs can help you return to your daily routine at home and at work through individualized treatment plans.

Our occupational therapy (OT) services can assist in the recovery or maintenance of your most meaningful daily activities or “occupations”. If an injury, illness, disability, or disease has limited the way you want to live your life, an occupational therapist can help. Strengthening an arm after a stroke, making a custom splint for a broken finger, helping a child with handwriting skills, assisting someone in returning to work or sports, helping someone during a hospital stay so they can return home, and providing suggestions for home modifications and special equipment are just some of the countless ways OT can help people live life to the fullest.

Occupational therapy is offered for outpatients at Three Meadows Medical Building, for inpatients at Hillsdale Hospital or for home care patients through Hillsdale Home Care.