Virtual Visits

Virtual visits—stay safe, stay home, see your doctor

Introducing Virtual Visits!

Need to go to the doctor, but you would rather stay at home? Schedule your virtual visit today! Just like a normal appointment at the office or clinic, but via video chat. You still call the office to schedule, we’ll still send out your prescriptions to your pharmacy, and it will still be billed the way an in-person visit would be. (Exact co-pay or patient responsibility is based on your insurance provider.)

Which providers are offering virtual visits?

The providers listed below are currently offering virtual visits. Just call to schedule! (Please note: We will be adding more providers soon!)

Family Practice

  • Laura Dunlevy, FNP, Hillsdale Health & Wellness, (517) 437-7040
  • Paige Jamison, NP, Reading Health Clinic, (517) 283-1772
  • Beth Miller, NP, Virtual Visits only, (517) 437-7040
  • Reanna Pickerign, NP-C, Hillsdale Health & Wellness, (517) 437-7040
  • Randy Podoll, PA-C, Hillsdale Health & Wellness, (517) 437-7040
  • Kurt Roecker, DO, Hillsdale Health & Wellness, (517) 437-7040
  • Rachel Stump, FNP, Litchfield Health Clinic, (517) 330-3000

General Surgery

  • Tessa Mac, PA-C, Hillsdale Surgical Group, (517) 437-5350

Internal Medicine & Endocrinology

  • Kwasi Boakye, MD, (517) 437-7800


  • Alex Janusz, DO, (517) 437-8366


  • Rachel McCormack, CNM, (517) 437-8292
  • Brian Sinischo, MD, (517) 437-8292
  • Amy Zoll, RN, CNM, (517) 437-5390


  • Ken Rubin, FNP-C, Hillsdale Orthopedics, (517) 439-5411
  • Parthiv Patel, DO, Hillsdale Orthopedics, (517) 439-5411


  • Gregg Patten, MD, (517) 437-8366

How does a virtual visit work?

Similar to an in-person visit, you’ll get checked in, enter the virtual exam room followed by your provider who will ask you questions and give you the same high-quality care you receive at the office. Here’s the three-step process:

  1. Check in. Your provider’s office team will call you at the time of your scheduled virtual visits. They will verify your information, insurance, emergency contact, and review medications and allergies. Then they will give you the URL for your virtual exam room, via phone, text or email—whichever you prefer.
  2. Enter the exam room. On your computer, tablet or phone, open your web browser. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are all supported. (Do NOT use Microsoft Internet Explorer.) Enter or click the URL provided to you during check-in.
  3. Let the provider know you’re ready to be seen. You will see the screen  shown below. Just type your name and click Check In. (You may also need to click Enable Camera if it pops up in your browser.) Your provider will be with you shortly.
Welcome! Please check in below to let MacRitchie1 know you are here; field to enter name, check-in button