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Sleep Studies or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Titrations assist physicians and patients in the diagnosis and treatment of severe or prolonged difficulties regarding sleep. Most sleep disorders can be treated, but only if recognized and properly diagnosed. The Sleep Lab within Hillsdale Hospital is a specialized facility providing accurate diagnosis and treatment of sleep related problems.

Studies are available by appointment. A Board Certified Sleep Physician Satya Chaparala, MD interprets Hillsdale Hospital sleep studies.

The studies are performed at Hillsdale Hospital. The lab has two private rooms, each equipped with a full size bed, large recliner chair, TV, cable, and VCR/DVD.  Light meals and showers are available. A Sleep Technologist or Technician records your sleep study experience. Special needs patients are able to have a family member or care giver stay in the Sleep Lab by special arrangement at the time sleep studies are scheduled.

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