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Hillsdale Hospital Partners with Nonprofit to Provide Medical Bill Relief for Miscarriage

Hillsdale Hospital and Early Pregnancy Loss Association form partnership

HILLSDALE, Mich.—The Early Pregnancy Loss Association (EPLA), in partnership with Hillsdale Hospital, now offers financial aid to anyone facing miscarriage-related medical bills from the hospital or its associated clinics.

As many as one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, and EPLA has for years supported families suffering early loss through its miscarriage care kits, informational packets, blog and podcast. Now, the organization is pleased to announce its pilot bill pay program through Hillsdale Hospital.

“We are so thrilled to be able to help relieve the burden of medical expenses after miscarriage,” said EPLA President Maria Servold. “Medical bills can add to the pain women feel after a miscarriage, and it has always been one of our goals to be able to provide financial support for families suffering this loss.”

Hillsdale Hospital and Hidden Meadows OB-GYN will provide EPLA’s miscarriage care kits to any woman diagnosed with a miscarriage. In the kit is a sheet explaining how the recipient can request up to $500 from EPLA, which would be applied to their miscarriage-related out of pocket expenses.

“We cannot express how important it is to have this kind of support for the mothers in our community suffering loss,” said Jeremiah J. Hodshire, president and chief executive officer at Hillsdale Hospital. “Partnering with EPLA is one of the vital ways we are putting Hillsdale First, because the people in our community are more important than anything else.”

Dr. Brian Sinischo at Hillsdale Hospital is also enthusiastic about the partnership with EPLA.

“In my work, I find it essential to learn the perspective of another person,” he said. “Empathy is one of the greatest ways I see the hand of God touch our world, and EPLA has helped me develop this kind of compassion. Our community, our hospital and our healthcare providers are able to better support moms and families through the relief this partnership provides.”

“Since we started EPLA in 2016 it has been a dream of mine to provide financial support to women following pregnancy loss,” said EPLA Executive Director Emily Carrington. “Launching this program is a vital part of our vision that no one suffers miscarriage alone.”

In addition to this program, miscarriage care kits are always available and free for anyone suffering early pregnancy loss. To request a kit visit: https://www.miscarriagecare.com/care-kit-request.html

For more information about the program or other resources available through the Early Pregnancy Loss Association visit miscarriagecare.com or email Emily Carrington at miscarriagecare@gmail.com.

To learn more about Hillsdale Hospital’s Bediako Birthing Center, visit hillsdalehospital.com/obgyn.