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Hospital CEO & CFO Named to Rural Hospital Leaders to Know Lists

Hodshire, Gross recognized by Becker’s Hospital Review

HILLSDALE, Mich.—Hillsdale Hospital CEO JJ Hodshire and CFO Mark Gross have been recognized by Becker’s Hospital Review as top leaders to know in rural hospitals. Gross was named to the 2023 Top 10 Rural Hospital CFOs to Know list on January 3 and Hodshire was named to the 2023 Rural Hospital CEOs to Know list by the industry-leading publication.

Mark Gross, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

“Both JJ and Mark work tirelessly to ensure the long-term success and viability of our hospital,” Rachel Lott, chief communications officer, said. “Across our entire continuum of care, the leadership of these two individuals is instrumental. Their work has been especially important during the past few years as we navigated the challenges of COVID-19 and continue to face uncharted waters plaguing the healthcare industry in the aftermath of the pandemic.”

Gross is the first Hillsdale Hospital CFO to achieve this top national designation and be recognized to this list by Becker’s. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, “Rural hospitals provide access to health services for communities that may otherwise face barriers to quality care. CFOs of rural hospitals play a key role in ensuring that hospital operations run smoothly.”

Since joining the hospital in 2018, Gross has worked to streamline budget processes and create revenue cycle efficiencies. For instance, he oversaw the implementation of software that took the budgeting process from cumbersome and manual to easy and efficient. He also renegotiated payer contracts that secured better reimbursement rates with commercial insurance providers, which resulted in millions of dollars of added revenue.

“Mark is the best CFO I have ever worked with and, in my opinion, is the best CFO in healthcare today,” Hodshire said. “He is a prudent, thorough decision-maker who doesn’t inhibit growth, but promotes it through smart financial strategies.”

Jeremiah J. Hodshire, President & Chief Executive Officer

Hodshire was named to the list for the first time this year alongside many veteran CEOs, though he is only in year three of his tenure in the role. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, “The executives featured on this list have put their heart and soul into ensuring their communities have access to the best healthcare services possible. While rural hospitals across the country have faced closure in recent years, these leaders have developed a model for not only surviving, but thriving.”

Hodshire was recognized for his efforts to drive growth at Hillsdale Hospital, defining strategic goals and plans. He also focuses on advocating for rural health in America, both through direct efforts with state and federal legislators, and through co-hosting the hospital’s podcast, Rural Health Rising, which has a growing national following. Hodshire also received the Louis Gorin Award for Outstanding Achievement in Rural Health in 2022.

“JJ’s leadership for Hillsdale Hospital has resulted in a growth strategy designed to build long-term sustainability for our organization while maximizing the level and variety of care available to our patients,” Gross said. “He is a visionary who is committed to this hospital and this community.”