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Hillsdale Hospital unveils new Specialty Services Unit

HILLSDALE — After several months of renovations Hillsdale Hospital unveiled its new Specialty Services Unit on Friday afternoon.

The unit on the third floor of the hospital now houses the hospital’s sleep lab, wound care center and infusion center and will be open to serve patients on October 1. Previously the wing of the hospital had housed patient rooms for joint replacements.

Jeremiah Hodshire, VP organizational & business development at the hospital said the unit was underutilized because more and more joint replacement surgeries are done on an outpatient basis.

The renovations included new flooring, LED lights, new wall graphics, flat screen televisions in all rooms and just an overall updating of the interior.

The $100,000 needed for the renovations was secured by Judy Gabriele, director of development at Hillsdale Hospital through donations.

The sleep lab, which is accredited through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine sees about 50 patients a month. The lab feature four private rooms with queen size beds, a couch and ensuite bathroom facilities, including a shower. The rooms feature dark out blinds, which makes the room pitch black when the lights are out.

Hodshire said he believes the renovations turned out great.

“Everyone that has toured the floor has been very receptive to the changes,” he said. “The staff helped to make this possible.”

Hodshire said one of the nice things about having the services on the third floor is the fact that there are always doctors and nurses available on the first and second floors in case of emergency.

The units before were housed at the Three Meadows Medical Offices. The wound care center was previously located on the ground floor of the hospital.

Upon exiting the elevator on the third floor visitors and patients are greeted by a healing tree mural on the wall, which was made by local artists Linda Shiffler and Dennis Baker. The two started the clay and glass piece a year ago.

Shiffler said the healing tree just seemed to be fitting for the space.

The tree features over 60 symbols of healing, including Native American, Reiki, religious, medical and more.

Shiffler said she included the religious symbols because our faith has a lot to do with our healing process.

Also on the piece is a white and silver pathway to represent the pathway to better health.

Shiffler said she is pleased with the project and it was one that was rewarding and fun.