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Hillsdale Hospital Opens Center for Excellence in Pain Management

Pain Clinic Moves to Third Floor, Expands with Additional Provider

HILLSDALE, Mich.—Hillsdale Hospital today announced that its pain clinic has moved and expanded to become to the Center for Excellence in Pain Management. As of Monday, the hospital’s certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) and their team began treating patients in a larger renovated space on the hospital’s third floor. Andrew Biegner, CRNA, has been joined by an additional CRNA, JJ Fontana, to increase the number of patients the center can treat. Biegner and Fontana both hold non-surgical pain management subspecialty certifications (NSPM-C).

“We are excited to expand our pain clinic services in a more comfortable environment for patients,” Rachel Lott, director of marketing and development, said. “Adding JJ Fontana to our team also allows us to serve more patients and decrease the wait times for patients who need this specialized care.”

Hillsdale Hospital’s interventional pain management team provides a multi-disciplinary approach to relieve, reduce and manage pain to improve patients’ quality of life. The team first obtains a diagnosis that pinpoints the exact cause of a patient’s pain. After that, the team and the patient discuss interventional treatment options that diminish pain instead of masking it with narcotics or opioids.

“Patients who manage chronic pain without the range of treatments we provide are often left with opioids or narcotics as their only viable options,” Biegner said. “We provide relief using non-narcotic, non-opioid methods.”

At the Center for Excellence in Pain Management, a variety of individualized techniques are used to treat many different kinds of pain, such as persistent back and neck pain (including sciatica and work-related injuries), headaches, joint pain, nerve damage or muscle spasm pain, shingles pain and more.

“Here at the center, we treat people like family,” Biegner said. “We care for our patients as individuals and we tailor their pain treatments to their specific needs and goals.”

To schedule a consultation at Hillsdale Hospital’s Center for Excellence in Pain Management, call (517) 437-5417. For more information, visit www.hillsdalehospital.com/pain.