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Hillsdale Hospital Names Birthing Center for Bediako

OB Unit Named in Honor of Longtime Community Physician

HILLSDALE, Mich.—Hillsdale Hospital announced today that its obstetrics unit will now be known as the Dr. Alfred K. Bediako Birthing Center, named for the longtime community physician in recognition of his years of service and the thousands of babies he has delivered at Hillsdale Hospital.

“Our community is blessed to have had the excellent healthcare provided by Dr. Bediako to pregnant women and babies here in Hillsdale County for decades,” Jeremiah J. Hodshire, president and chief executive officer said. “It is only fitting that we continue his legacy for years to come by naming the birthing center in his honor. He has delivered over seven thousand babies here at Hillsdale Hospital, and thousands more will be born at the Bediako Birthing Center in the many years that follow.”

Dr. Bediako has served the people of Hillsdale County as an obstetrician-gynecologist since 1992. In addition to his practice, he sat on Hillsdale Hospital’s Board of Directors for 18 years. As a board member and community leader, Dr. Bediako aided in the expansion of the services offered at Hillsdale Hospital, including the opening of the obstetrics unit now named in his honor. He retired from his board position in 2021 and currently serves as Hillsdale Hospital’s chief of obstetrics.

“I am really grateful and appreciate this unique honor bestowed on me by the board of Hillsdale Hospital,” Dr. Bediako said. “I came as an unknown entity to this beautiful Hillsdale community. They accepted me and my family ‘Just As I Am,’ and my devotion is absolute to the continued care of this community until my last breath will last me.”

The hospital honored and recognized Dr. Bediako at a private dedication ceremony on May 28, 2021. During the ceremony, several spoke in celebration of Dr. Bediako’s outstanding years of service, including Congressman Tim Walberg and Representative Andrew Fink.

“Dr. Bediako demonstrates what we all strive to provide at Hillsdale Hospital, which is care of the most exceptional kind to every life in need of it,” Hodshire said. “As decades pass, as they inevitably will, this building will represent the mark of a man who dedicated the majority of his life in service to the health, safety and flourishing of his community. May we rejoice in that today for what will come tomorrow.”

For more information about obstetrics care at Hillsdale Hospital and the Bediako Birthing Center, visit www.hillsdalehospital.com/baby.