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Hillsdale Hospital awarded HFAP accreditation

Hillsdale Hospital awarded HFAP accreditation

Hillsdale, Mich. – June 7, 2019 – Hillsdale Hospital was awarded accreditation by HFAP, the nation’s original independent, accreditation program recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Accreditation confirms that Hillsdale Hospital is providing high quality care as determined by an independent, external process of evaluation.

“Hillsdale Hospital clearly demonstrates a commitment to quality and patient safety,” said Meg Gravesmill, CEO of AAHHS, HFAP’s non-profit parent company. “We base our decision on the findings of an extensive and thorough onsite review of the hospital against recognized national standards for patient safety, quality improvement, and environmental safety. Hillsdale Hospital has earned the distinction of HFAP accreditation through its performance in successfully meeting those standards.”

“We’re proud to achieve this prestigious accreditation,” said Duke Anderson, President and CEO of Hillsdale Hospital. “Earning HFAP accreditation is a significant achievement that recognizes our commitment to providing high quality care to our patients and our community. In fact, quality is consistently the priority focus in our strategic plans and goals.”


HFAP Healthcare Quality and Safety Accreditation

About Hillsdale Hospital:

Hillsdale Hospital traces its roots back to 1915. Hillsdale Hospital is committed to providing high quality health care services including acute inpatient services, skilled nursing rehabilitation, joint replacement, and bariatric surgery. Located in south central Lower Michigan, Hillsdale Hospital has 47 acute care beds, 39 skilled nursing facility beds and the ten-bed Dempster W. Muffitt Center for Psychiatric Care. Additional features include a 64 slice CT scanner and magnetic resonance imaging; high-tech critical care and emergency departments; four surgical suites and an ophthalmology surgical suite. For more information, visit https://www.hillsdalehospital.com/.

About HFAP:
HFAP is a nationally recognized program of AAHHS offering accreditation and specialty certifications to serve a range of healthcare organizations. Originally established in 1945, HFAP is the original healthcare accreditation program in the United States. HFAP holds deeming authority from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and is also recognized by state governments and regulatory bodies, and insurers.

HFAP’s mission is to be the valued partner for healthcare organizations committed to improving their quality of care, through accreditation/certification standards and continuing education, with a focus on advancing the health and welfare of their communities.. For more information, visit www.hfap.org.