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Fall 2022 Extra Inch Awards

Congratulations to our Fall 2022 Extra Inch Award winner, Jonathan Foust, RPh, of the Pharmacy at Hillsdale Hospital! Going the “extra inch” is doing something above and beyond what is expected in service to a patient or their loved one. Their actions and/or words impressed you and truly made the patient or their loved one feel important and cared for in a way that had a special impact or stood out.

Jonathan was nominated by colleague Nina Corser-Smith after he cared for a complex pediatric patient, staying over after his shift ended to ensure safe care and treatment for the patient.

Jonathan Foust, RPh, Pharmacy

Fall 2022 Extra Inch Award Winner

On December 11th 2022, a complex case concerning a young child presented in our ED. Jonathan worked diligently on dosing IV drips to stabilize the child from having multiple seizures. Jonathan went into take charge mode while navigating this uncharted territory.

On numerous occasions, he would stop and calculate, then re-calculate the dosing orders, all while working with the ED staff to stabilize the very young child, preparing the child for transport to U of M Hospital. Jonathan even stayed into the night, after the pharmacy had closed to ensure the young child received the proper IV’s needed to keep them stable for transport.

Personally, I am so proud to work with someone with such compassion and heart, all while keeping his composure taking care of a child.

Jonathan is a brilliant Pharmacist. He is an integral part of Hillsdale Hospital Pharmacy. Not just in his knowledge, but his compassion for others when we needed him the most. His commitment to work into the night for continuation of care is worth noting.

– Nina Corser-Smith

Also nominated were Jenna Baker, RN, Medical-Surgical; Sierra Daniels, RN, Medical-Surgical; Heather Hensley, CNA, Medical-Surgical; Kimberly Keys, Behavioral Health; Kali Longoria, RN, Bediako Birthing Center; Joy Rose, RN, Medical-Surgical; Maureen Smith, RN, Case Management; and Brittney Wagler, CNA, Medical-Surgical.

Jenna Baker, RN; Sierra Daniels, RN; Heather Hensley, CNA; Joy Rose, RN; Brittney Wagler, CNA
Fall 2022 Extra Inch Award Nominees

We had a long-term patient on Med-Surg who had no belongings, no family visiting and no means of obtaining her necessities.

Staff started bringing her in items to make her stay more comfortable. Joy Rose started by bringing in pajamas, followed quickly by Heather Hensley with a blanket and makeup, Brittney Wagler with hairbrush and comb, Jenna Baker with Shoes and Sierra Daniels with tennis shoes.

In conversation, patient states “my friend brought me these new shoes”. How lovely that she would see us, not only as caregivers, but friends as well. I think each of these members of our team deserve recognition for a job well done, going that extra inch!

– Maureen Smith

Kimberly Keys, Behavioral Health
Fall 2022 Extra Inch Award Nominee

We needed a bed cleaned to move a patient upstairs from the Emergency Department and Kim cleaned the room in CCU to clear up one of our beds. House supervisor, Aimee, knew Kim had past housekeeping experience and sought her out, she cleaned the room with no questions asked and no complaints to help other hospital departments and to improve patient care.

– Abby Reppert

Kali Longoria, RN, Bediako Birthing Center
Fall 2022 Extra Inch Award Nominee

I was a patient in OB on 8-8-22. I was there having my third baby. I came in early that morning to be induced, and to my surprise my room was decorated like I was a VIP patient!

There was a pretty pink sign on my door that said, “Smith Family Party of Five”. There was a banner with my daughter’s name “Lily” that hung above the bassinet that was filled with goodies, oh and she had special treats, candy, crayons and coloring pages setting on the counter for my two boys!

Kali made me feel so special and made having my last baby experience amazing! Kali also went above and beyond by making sure that my room had a rocking chair for when my mom came to visit me, and a recliner chair for my husband. She always asked them if they needed anything, or if she could do anything for them. I loved how Kali took care of me throughout my entire stay! She also stayed over past her shift to help McKenzie take my daughter’s newborn photos that OB does! By the way the pictures turned out beautiful!

Kali is very kind, caring, thoughtful, friendly, respectful, and professional! I really appreciated Kali going the extra mile, or the extra inch!

– Stacey Smith

Maureen Smith, RN, Case Management
Fall 2022 Extra Inch Award Nominee

Maureen is always going the extra inch for her patients. Recently Maureen found out that a patient did not have transportation to pick up his medications after discharge. Maureen took it upon herself to go to the pharmacy and get the medications for this patient and then hand deliver them to his home after her workday. Maureen recognized that this patient had a barrier that she could help with and acted on it. Without her actions, this patient could have become worse at home and been readmitted.

– Nicole Kline


I was taking care of a patient on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, who was being discharged home. He needed a new medication from his pharmacy, Wal-Mart in Jonesville to treat his condition. He told me he could not afford it until he got paid again on the first.

Maureen called Wal-Mart and determined he had no copay. He then told Maureen andthat he could not pick it up until the first because he did not have any gas in his truck. Maureen told him she would go pick up his medication from Wal-Mart Pharmacy with his permission and drop it off to his house on her way home. He agreed to let Maureen do this for him.

Maureen always does what is best for her patients and truly cares for them. In the circumstance, she went above and beyond to make sure he received his medication and help prevent him from being readmitted. Thank you, Maureen!

– Diane Grubbs


Maureen goes above and beyond with all of our patients and their discharge needs. She is constantly thinking of more ideas and goes out of her way to make things happen.

She is even know to schedule follow up appointments for our patients which helps both the patients and her coworkers at the time of discharge. Her help is so greatly appreciated. She even will call ahead the day before to arrange transportation for patients and fills out the forms and faxes them herself.

She always gives her job 110% and is a bright contribution to our work day!

– Brittney Wagler