Hillsdale Hospital News

A message from CEO Jeremiah J. Hodshire on the passing of former CEO Chuck Bianchi

It is with a heavy heart that we offer our condolences to the family of Chuck Bianchi, former administrator and CEO of Hillsdale Hospital. Our team is saddened to learn of his passing early this morning. He served our community and lead our hospital for 16 years, from 1991-2007.

During his tenure at Hillsdale Hospital, Bianchi was responsible for a true turnaround, making the hospital more sustainable, improving facilities and building many new programs and services. He led the organization out of some of its toughest financial circumstances, starting his role as CEO when the hospital had just a few days cash-on-hand. In 1995, the McGuire skilled nursing facility opened, providing short-stay rehab for patients who would have otherwise been required to leave the county in order to receive such care. He also sustained the hospital through difficult times in the healthcare industry. By the 1990s, healthcare was feeling the pain of the shift in payment models which had occurred in the 1980s—instead of being paid for treatments provided, hospitals were paid for diagnosis related groups (DRGs). In an era where the number of rural hospital closures increased so sharply that the federal government intervened with new legislation, Hillsdale Hospital stood strong under Bianchi’s leadership.

We are grateful for Bianchi’s years of service, helping shape Hillsdale Hospital into what it is today. Our deepest condolences go to his wife, Michelle, and his entire family as they mourn his loss.