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Press Release: Hillsdale Hospital Launches Virtual Visits

Providers Accessible via Video Chat to Provide Care

HILLSDALE, Mich.—Hillsdale Hospital launched Virtual Visits today, allowing patients to be seen by their doctors and providers from the comfort of their home. The service was already in the works, but social distancing and the stay home order due to COVID-19 sped up the launch.

“We were excited to bring this to our patients when we initially started developing a telehealth program,” JJ Hodshire, chief operating officer, said. “With the need for people to stay home as much as possible, we saw that many patients delaying care or deciding not to seek it altogether. To ensure that our community still gets the care they need, we launched early.”

To book a Virtual Visit, patients call their provider’s office, just like they would for an in-person appointment. When it’s time for their Virtual Visit, the provider’s staff will call the patient, take down the necessary information and provide the patient with a link via phone, text or email. Once the patient types in or clicks on the link, they can enter their name on the webpage and click check-in. The provider will be notified that the patient is ready and will start the appointment via video chat.

“This system is simple to use with no hoops to jump through—no log ins to create, software to download or secret codes to enter,” Seth Gibson, practice administrator for outpatient clinics, said. “The patient just needs a computer, tablet or phone with a camera and safe web browser. We have seven providers starting today are adding more as quickly as we can.”

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari are compatible. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not.

Providers in three different areas of medicine are already offering Virtual Visits, including:

Family Practice

  • Kurt Roecker, DO, Hillsdale Health & Wellness, (517) 437-7040
  • Rachel Stump, FNP, Litchfield Health Clinic, (517) 330-3000

General Surgery

  • Tessa Mac, PA-C, Hillsdale Surgical Group, (517) 437-5350


  • Ken Rubin, FNP-C, Hillsdale Orthopedics, (517) 439-5411

For more information, visit hillsdalehospital.com/virtualvisits.