Preventive Care @ Hillsdale Hospital

Take care of yourself today. Protect your health for tomorrow.

Your insurance may cover preventive care services offered right here in Hillsdale. Consult your insurance provider or coverage information for details. Below suggestions are for the average patient. Certain conditions may alter the recommended age or frequency for certain screenings.

TypeAge, Frequency & HistoryHow to Schedule
Blood Test
Age 18+: Every 5 yearsTalk to your primary care provider, doctor’s order required.
COVID-19, influenza, pneumonia, shingles, etc.
Age, frequency and health history vary based on immunizationTalk to your primary care provider about what immunizations may be right for you.
Bone Density Scan
Age 65+: One time or as needed per doctor’s orderTalk to your primary care provider, doctor’s order required.
Tobacco Cessation
For all current smokersTalk to your primary care provider, doctor’s order required.

Cancer Screenings

TypeAge, Frequency & Health HistoryHow to Schedule
Breast Cancer MammogramAge 35: Baseline screening
Age 40-74: Every year
Talk to your primary care provider or GYN, doctor’s order required.
Cervical Cancer
Age 21-29: Every 3 years
Age 30-65: Every 3 years alone OR every 5 years with HPV testing
Hidden Meadows OB/GYN
(517) 437-8292
Colon Cancer
Age 45-75: Every 10 yearsHillsdale Surgical Group
(517) 437-5350
Lung Cancer
Low-Dose CT
Age 50-80: Every year for smokers with a 20 pack-year history or those who have quit within the past 15 yearsHillsdale Pulmonary Clinic
(517) 437-8366