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Winter 2023 Extra Inch Awards

Congratulations to our Winter 2023 Extra Inch Award winner, Emmy Smith, Environmental Services! Going the “extra inch” is doing something above and beyond what is expected in service to a patient or their loved one. Their actions and/or words impressed you and truly made the patient or their loved one feel important and cared for in a way that had a special impact or stood out.

Emmy was nominated by colleagues Nicole Meyers and Brittany Schutte after her kindness to a 92-year old patient and going beyond to make OB patients comfortable!


Emmy Smith, Environmental Services

Winter 2023 Extra Inch Winner

Emmy went the extra inch, above and beyond for my 92 year old Granny…she has been doing a wonderful job cleaning her room and she has been so kind, sweet, and respectful. She is definitely an asset and an awesome person to have on your team.
– Nicole Myers

Emmy has been our housekeeper this week on OB. There have been several instances during the week that Emmy was very helpful but a few stuck out to me the most. I had asked her to get me a fan for one of our patients. She was very speedy in finding one and then she even went and set it up for the patient.

Later in the day, that same patient had asked for some kleenex. Emmy told the patient she would find her some. We didn’t have any on the floor so I had to go up to purchasing and get some. When I brought them back down, Emmy grabbed one and took it into the patient’s room herself which was very helpful since it was a busy day. She also had to redo a few rooms that weren’t cleaned correctly. She did this extra work as well as her normal work and she did it with a smile and without complaining.
– Brittany Schutte

Also nominated was Debra Beard, Admitting.

Debra Beard, Admitting
Winter 2023 Extra Inch Award Nominee

Deb is always willing to go the “extra inch” when it comes to her co-workers and patients. She never bats an eye to help out when needed.

On Saturday, we had a patient come in for an infusion and the patient was cold. Without even batting an eye, Deb went into the ER and got her a warm blanket.

There are just so many things I could say about her. She always goes the extra mile, covers for her co workers stays late and always is there for questions and never makes you feel incompetent for asking questions.
– LynnAnn Fuller