Hillsdale Hospital News

Hospital Volunteers to Host Community Picnic

Auxiliary members invite public to hospital lawn for event

The Hillsdale Hospital Auxiliary volunteers are hosting a community picnic on Saturday, October 7 at 12 pm on the Hillsdale Hospital front lawn. Local residents and families are invited to enjoy a free hot dog lunch, tours of the hospital and more.

WHO: Hillsdale County residents

WHAT: Community picnic on the hospital lawn, including a free hot dog lunch (limit one meal per person; first come, first served) by the Coney Cart, hospital tours, giveaways and live music by Keith Rushing.

WHEN: Saturday, October 7, 2023, 12 pm-2 pm

WHERE: Hillsdale Hospital Front Lawn, 168 South Howell Street, Hillsdale, Michigan 49242

Because Hillsdale Hospital is an independent non-profit organization, its team is grateful for the Auxiliary members, who provide volunteer support for any area that needs it within the hospital and also supports the hospital through fundraising. The community picnic is part of the Auxiliary’s efforts to revive membership and raise awareness of the hospital’s services. If you have questions about the community picnic, or if you are interested in becoming an Auxiliary volunteer, please call (517) 437-5124.