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Hillsdale Hospital Unveils State-of-the-Art Mammography in Updated Suite

Cutting-edge tech gives patient control, reduces anxiety in calming environment

HILLSDALE, Mich.—Hillsdale Hospital announced today the launch of a brand-new mammography system designed by women, for women. The new system reduces patient anxiety and discomfort, while producing the highest-quality images with the lowest radiation exposure. The Senographe Pristina 3D mammography system from GE Healthcare allows for greater accommodation and gives patients more control during their experience.


(Photos courtesy of GE Healthcare)

“A mammogram can be a challenging experience, both mentally and physically as it can be uncomfortable for some patients,” Jamie Caldwell, medical imaging manager, said. “This new system significantly minimizes that. We’re excited to once again upgrade our imaging technology, not just to enhance the quality of images we can capture, but to create a more comfortable experience for our patients, just as we did with our new MRI late last year.”

3D mammography, the next step beyond 2D, is the highest standard of care. Hillsdale Hospital’s new 3D system captures high-quality images while automatically reducing radiation exposure to the minimum necessary. Hillsdale Hospital’s new system and remodeled mammography suite have been re-designed around the patient with comfort-enhancing features, flexible positioning and sharp pictures. A new self-controlled, hand-held device allows clients to control their own breast tissue compression.

“Not only do patients have more control in the process, but the new shape and ease of the machine give us the ability to better accommodate differing shapes, sizes, heights, and mobility levels,” Molly Craig, RN, diagnostic imaging nurse navigator, said. “It’s more individualized. Our faces are familiar and the care we provide is what we would want for our own family members.”

Utilizing a nurse navigator and skilled mammography technologists, Hillsdale Hospital’s team approach with state-of-the-art technology gives patients the most up-to-date care available, while offering the personal touch that comes with locally-based healthcare. Molly Craig, RN, the hospital’s diagnostic imaging nurse navigator, guides patients through the mammogram experience—before their scheduled appointment, during the procedure and after results are known. She sees firsthand how nervous patients can be before a mammogram. The Senographe Pristina 3D has been shown to bring anxiety down for 97 percent of patients.

“I’m seeing that happen with our own patients every day,” Craig said. “Our process is fast, patient-centered and thorough.”

Investing in state-of-the-art technology is part of Hillsdale Hospital’s mission to be a guardian of exceptional health services for its community. In the past 18 months, the hospital has made strategic investments in upgrading its MRI and becoming one of the first hospitals in the nation to launch thulium laser lithotripsy for minimally-invasive kidney stone treatment. Investing in new mammography technology also demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to increase cancer screening rates among residents in Hillsdale County.

“Rural patients are often short-changed when it comes to accessible cancer screening,” Rachel Lott, director of marketing and development, said. “This results in later stage diagnoses leading to more severe and sometimes fatal outcomes, so providing access to life-saving screenings on a regular basis is critical. Some communities bring in mobile mammogram units once a week when services are not available in their area, but we are fortunate that access is not an issue here. At Hillsdale Hospital we’ve made sure our patients experience the best technology in a beautiful environment with the best care team out there.”

For more information about Hillsdale Hospital’s new mammography system, call (517) 437-5339 or visit www.hillsdalehospital.com.