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Hillsdale Hospital Receives $43,000 Donation From County National Bank

Gift Funds Purchase of Neonatal Resuscitation Protocols Training Simulator

HILLSDALE, Mich.—Hillsdale Hospital recently received a donation of just over $43,600 from County National Bank which funded the purchase of a newborn baby simulator to improve nurses’ and providers’ ability to learn and practice Neonatal Resuscitation Protocols (NRP). The SimNewB simulator by Laerdal provides a realistic experience for nurses and providers to practice life-saving care for newborns in their first 10 minutes of life.

“We cannot thank our friends and partners at County National Bank enough,” President & CEO JJ Hodshire said. “Implementing this kind of advanced technology helps our facility to continue providing the best possible care for our patients with the highest quality and safety standards. CNB made that happen for us.”

The first 10 minutes is critical for a newborn, so when complications arise, a highly-skilled team must be prepared to immediately deliver quality care. The SimNewB, co-created with the American Academy of Pediatrics, provides realistic training for critical interventions such as lung recruitment maneuvers and advanced airway management.

“This simulator allows us to train as a team in what feels like a real-life setting so that we can offer the highest standard of care for our patients and families,” Dr. Nichole Ellis, chief of medical staff and local pediatrician said. “We’re grateful for our friends at County National Bank who have made this happen through their generous donation. It will no doubt benefit our babies, moms and their families.”

The SimNewB airway is designed to allow learners to understand how it feels to perform an airway management procedure correctly with the appropriate resistance and the realistic feel of “wet or stiff” lungs to succeed in assisting with first breaths. The simulator also allows our team to train in-situ at Hillsdale Hospital’s Bediako Birthing Center, with actual members of the healthcare team using equipment and resources from that unit.

“When our local hospital provides excellent care and services, our community wins in so many ways,” County National Bank President & CEO John Waldron said. “We are happy to support Hillsdale Hospital in any way we can.”

For more information about the Bediako Birthing Center at Hillsdale Hospital, call (517) 437-5280 or visit www.hillsdalehospital.com/baby.