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Hillsdale Hospital Acquires WorkHealth-Quincy, LLC

Hillsdale Hospital to expand, streamline occupational health services

HILLSDALE, Mich.—Hillsdale Hospital announced today that it now owns and operates Hillsdale Hospital Work Health in Quincy, formerly known as Work Health Quincy. Acquiring this practice has allowed Hillsdale Hospital to expand access to services for employers and their employees, as well as provide dedicated services for common occupational health needs, like physical therapy.

“As I am looking forward to semi-retirement, I am excited to turn the baton over to Hillsdale Hospital,” previous owner David Walker, PA, said. “They have been just one of the many employers we have worked with over the years. I wanted turn the clinic over to someone who would continue the specialty practice of occupational medicine and have a vision to expand and improve on what can be available.”

Hillsdale Hospital Work Health is committed to continuing the services employers already depend on, as well as expanding access to physical therapy on-site. The priority will continue to be getting the employee back to work as soon as possible, with restricted duty a major focus. Dedicated MRI appointments will provide expedited access to imaging for injured employees. The clinic will work directly with general and orthopedic surgeons to get employees the care they need.

“We are excited to build on the great work Dave has done over the years,” Rachel Lott, Hillsdale Hospital director of marketing and development, said. “This is the start of more comprehensive, streamlined, and efficient service for employers and their staff.”

Hillsdale Hospital officially took over the practice in September, and Walker worked directly with Jimmy Deaton, PA-C, who is Hillsdale Hospital Work Health’s dedicated provider in the transition.

“Services at Hillsdale Hospital Work Health have been uninterrupted during this transition, so employers can expect the same services they’ve received in the past,” Lott said. “In addition, as we add new services, employers will be informed when those offerings become available.”

For more information about Hillsdale Hospital Work Health, call (517) 639-7300.