Hillsdale Hospital News

Hillsdale Community Health Center Receives State Recognition

Community service based initiatives have long been promoted by civic organizations as well as task forces created by Governors of each state including the President of the United States to address serious community problems. These initiatives are all in an effort to increase awareness of the social problems facing our local communities as well as providing a mechanism to “give back” by keeping our resources invested locally.

In 2011, HCHC asked each manager to complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service representing the hospital at various events around the county and the state. By donating their time, the community was rewarded with highly skilled talent in areas that needed a helping hand. This year we have expanded the program and asked that our management team use the initiative to encourage their respective departments to take on a project, sponsor an event, adopt a family, or create a new program of outreach which is all aimed at providing assistance to those in need.

A major focus during the past year has been to replenish the food pantries throughout the county as well as providing clinical assistance at the free health clinic, and volunteering at service club events to reach out. So far this year, our food campaign delivered over 800 meals to hungry families and we continue to collect to stock the empty shelves. For these outstanding efforts, we wanted to recognize the hard work and talent of our HCHC Leadership Team and all staff for their contributions as a nomination was submitted in April for a very prestigious award.

We are pleased to announce that on May 29, 2012, HCHC received notification from the Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC) that we have been selected as a finalist for the 2012 Governor’s Service Award. This award acknowledges and honors the outstanding efforts of Michigan’s volunteers.

Executive Director Paula VanDam stated; “Michiganders like you have created a rich history of volunteerism – donating your energies and talents to nonprofit organizations, schools, faith-based institutions, fellow citizens, and more- and for this, I commend you.”

This year the MCSC received more than 130 nominations for the Governor’s Service Award. Five finalists were selected in each of the eight award categories through a statewide peer review panel comprised of representatives from nonprofit organizations, schools, business, and others along with the MCSC Board of Commissioners. As a finalist, we have been invited by Governor Snyder for “An Evening with the Stars” at the Gem Theater in Detroit Michigan on July 23.

There will be a reception in honor of the great accomplishments of the Hillsdale Community Health Center in our many efforts to serve our community.

VanDam stated; “Your dedication and commitment to helping others inspires and motivates each of us to work harder to make noticeable contributions in our neighborhoods and communities.”

We are excited to have received this prestigious nomination as a witness to the hard work of our manager leadership team and for the dedicated staff members who made donations and volunteered time in the communities where they live.