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First Quarterly Extra Inch Awards

Congratulations to our first quarterly Extra Inch Award winner, Olivia Imhof, RN, in the Bediako Birthing Center at Hillsdale Hospital! Going the “extra inch” is doing something above and beyond what is expected in service to a patient or their loved one. Their actions and/or words impressed you and truly made the patient or their loved one feel important and cared for in a way that had a special impact or stood out.

Olivia was nominated by Rev. Lucas Miller after she cared for his family during the birth of daughter, Riest.

Olivia Imhof, RN, Bediako Birthing Center

October 2022 Extra Inch Award Winner

Olivia was the nurse present for the birth of our daughter on July 13th, 2022. Shortly after, Kim’s heart rate and blood pressure crashed and she ended up in the ICU. Despite Reist being the end of her shift, Olivia stayed until Kim was settled in the ICU.

Then she came back that evening, during her free time as she was not scheduled, to check on Kim and bring Reist to visit (since a staff member has to be present with the baby in the ICU and they were pretty busy in OB). We hear she ended up staying and helping out on the floor after as well.

While we have wonderful things to say about every nurse and doctor who cared for Kim and Reist during their stay, we were so touched by Olivia’s actions. Even if she had just been our delivery nurse, we would have been impressed, but giving her time to check on us and help Kim spend time with the baby was an incredible blessing that we will never forget.

– Rev. Lucas Miller

Also nominated were Susan Campbell, RRT, Cardiopulmonary; Brandi Coe, RN, Bediako Birthing Center; and Beverly Rutz, CNA, McGuire & MacRitchie Skilled Nursing Facility.

Susan Campbell, RRT, Cardiopulmonary
October 2022 Extra Inch Award Nominee

Susan was my 6 year old “very scared” nephew’s RRT on Friday 8/26/2022. My nephew was brought into the ER after having the worst asthma attack that he has ever had. His heart rate was very high and very low oxygen rate. Susan NEVER left my nephew’s side. My nephew who has never had an IV before was also very scared about getting one, asked Susan to start his IV because he felt very comfortable with her. Susan also found out that my nephew was getting transferred to Toledo Children’s hospital, she than went to the gift shop and bought him a teddy bear and cars to take on the ambulance ride. She went above and beyond as a RRT. Our family was very happy that she was taking care of him Friday night.

Brandi Coe, RN, Bediako Birthing Center
October 2022 Extra Inch Award Nominee

As soon as there was an nurse change she came in on her shift and the first thing she asked me is how I was doing mentally with the pain. My body wasn’t allowing me to progress during labor and I was in so much pain that I didn’t know how much longer I could take it. I was really struggling. But because of her asking that question and caring, we were able to get me started on a pain medication that turned my experience around that I didn’t even know was an option. She is an all-around amazing nurse who took great care of us. I wish she could have been with me the entire time.

Beverly Rutz, CNA, McGuire & MacRitchie Skilled Nursing Facility
October 2022 Extra Inch Award Nominee

One of the ways I’ve seen Bev go above and beyond for a resident is one we had on MG. His family had broke the news of him going to Drew’s instead of going home and he and his family was having a hard time with the transition. He had visited the patio with his family multiple times. Bev had “picked” on him the one day and he had mentioned the he had wanted cucumbers and onions before he left, Bev went home that night and had made sure he got his cucumbers and onions before he left. Another time one of our residents on MR had really wanted grape soda and the kitchen doesn’t carry it. She had stopped on her way home and got him a case of grape soda and brought in for him on the next day.