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Fall 2023 Extra Inch Awards

Congratulations to our Fall 2023 Extra Inch Award winner, Ashley Crane, from Dietary! Going the “extra inch” is doing something above and beyond what is expected in service to a patient or their loved one. Their actions and/or words impressed you and truly made the patient or their loved one feel important and cared for in a way that had a special impact or stood out.

Ashley was nominated by Jessica Adams, who saw the way she worked hard to ensure our patients and residents in our Skilled Nursing Facility enjoy good meals and fun snacks on a regular basis. Ashley is appreciated for going the Extra Inch by the residents she spends time with, as well as the rest of the dietary team.

Ashley Crane, Dietary

Fall 2023 Extra Inch Award Winner

Ashley taking inventory of spices.
Ashley cooking grilled cheese.
Ashley speaking with two team members.

“Ashley always goes above and beyond for the MacRitchie residents. She makes them special snacks and desserts frequently. She also spends time with them, taking the time to answer any questions they have and making changes that they request. She will check in with each resident to make sure they’re happy with everything. The residents really appreciate all that she does for them.”
– Nomination by Jessica Adams

Also nominated were Teresa Sharrar, Medicaid Specialist; Joel Brady, Laboratory; Elizabeth Namyslowski, Laboratory; Christina Jacks, Laboratory; Deb Beard, Admitting; Brandi Coe, RN, Obstetrics; Amanda Freeman, RN, Obstetrics.

Teresa Sharrar, Medicaid Specialist

Fall 2023 Extra Inch Nominee

I cannot stress how impressed I am with Teresa’s promptness at making contact with patients who currently have no insurance. Her quick response times have led to several patients obtaining insurance within 24 hours of her making contact.

Her attention to detail, working with other departments and response times deserve a KUDOS!

-Mel Porta

Christina Jacks, Laboratory

Fall 2023 Extra Inch Nominee

I was supervising and everything got crazy. I had a urology case waiting to get an IV and go back, and a ptient who needed a blood bank tube for a transfusion. She did not want to go to the floor until the blood was ready for health reasons. Then, minutes later, a class one C-section was called. I was able to send a MedSurg nurse to OB to check on them. However, I still had a surgical patient needing an IV and a patient in the lobby needing a blood draw. This is an unusual circumstance. I am one person and need help. I may have forgotten to mention it was after hours in the front lab.

Anyway, Christina came out and said she could help me. I thanked her and went to speak to the surgical patient to explain that there would be a delay in her surgery due to an emergent C-section. I told her that I would be able to put her IV in and get her as comfortable as possible, and keep her posted on the ETA for surgery. She was not happy but verbalized understanding. I went to OB to check on them and all was in place. The MedSurg nurse was helping to cover while the C-section was happening. I then went to the front to check on the patient awaiting the lab draw and it had been completed and it was a great help to me at the patient. I really appreciate her willingness to help and work as a team.

-Tammy Evener

Joel Brady and Elizabeth Namyslowski, Laboratory

Fall 2023 Extra Inch Nominees

A patient showed up without a lab order on a Saturday and these two employees went above and beyond for the patient to help get her order, without any hesitation.

The patient was very grateful! She was participating as a living organ donor and with this act there would be no delay. In fact, she was so pleased with our lab services and treatment she sent a wonderful thank you note. Let us all be reminded that we too can go the “extra inch,” just like these two phlebotomists did! Great job!

-Nichole Isaac

Deb Beard, Admitting

Fall 2023 Extra Inch Nominee

Today I witnessed Deb going above and beyond with a patient in a way I’ve never seen before. There was a little girl being registered for a procedure and she was holding a stuffed animal/doll. When Deb was putting on the girl’s ID bracelet, she also put one on the stuffed animal also! Such a cute and heartwarming way to go above and beyond for our patients, especially the little ones to make them feel good.

Deb always goes the extra inch with patients and this is just another way to show how much she really does care! We are very lucky to have Deb in this position, welcoming patients and taking care of everyone!

-Trisha Rodger

Brandi Coe, RN, Obstetrics

Fall 2023 Extra Inch Award Nominee

I’ve dealt with a plethora of staff since I arrived here on 8/22/23. Brandi is my nurse today, 8/24/23. She has gone above and beyond for me all day. She reapplied the glue on all three of my laparoscopy incisions. She contacted the doctor in regards to the medicine he called in with an issue with my insurance. She has stayed on top of keeping my ice packs full and fresh. She took the initiative to assist me in regards to getting the necessary arrangements made for my home call upon my discharge today. She has demonstrated her dedication and empathy for her charges. She is one of the three most heartwarming people I’ve dealt with since arriving. She is so kind and caring. Brandi has offered assistance with things I was unaware were available to me. She has been so informative in regards to explaining medications to me. She is an all-around wonderful nurse as well as being a caring and compassionate person in general. I am so thankful to have been blessed with such an amazing nurse as Brandi!

-Kelly Campbell

Amanda Freeman, RN, Obstetrics

Fall 2023 Extra Inch Award Nominee

Amanda was my nurse the night of 8/23/23. She made me feel like I mattered and like I was more than just a body in a room. She took the time to speak to me as a person instead of just a bothersome patient. She was helpful in every way imaginable. From taking vitals and staying on top of pain management, right down to helping me understand the changes in my meds. Even helping me get comfortable in a chair so I wasn’t stuck in bed all the time. She made a point of asking about my life and what my plans were for after being discharged and home care. She stayed on top of anything I could want or need. Amanda is an amazing nurse as well as a wonderful and caring person in general.

-Kelly Campbell