Hillsdale Hospital News

Cardiopulmonary Unit Dedicated

by Matt Durr, HDN

HILLSDALE – For 20 years, Randall Wigent was an out-patient in the car­diopulmonary ward at the Hillsdale Community Health Center. While the reasons why he was there three times a week were not so pleasant, Wigent always made the best of the situa­tion and raised the spirits of those around him.

“He became so commit­ted to the program that he was our longest serving patient for this program,” officially open.

“It’s a very special day that our family is gathered to honor Randall. Just as this place is very special to Randall in therapy and friendships with everyone here,” said Esther Wigent, Randall’s wife. “We are so proud to have the cardio­pulmonary unit bare his name and we believe that it will offer hope for others in the future.”

Family and friends, along with various doctors and officials with the hospital said Valerie Boyd, manag­er for the cardiopulmonary unit. “He had such a posi­tive attitude and he was so committed to not only im­proving his own health, but encouraging others. He made it like a big social hour.”

Wigent passed away in 2011, but his spirit is still alive in cardiopulmonary ward, and on Saturday, March 8, 2013 the newly remodeled space in was dedicated to Wigent during a special open house to announce the Randall D. Wigent Center for Car­diopulmonary Services was hospital were on hand for the ribbon cutting and dedication.

“Randall was our friend, but more importantly, Randall was a part of our family here as much as anyone else and we ap­preciated his presence here with us,” said Duke Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer for HCHC.

Anderson thanked the Wigent family for their generosity in donating money to help expand the facility so the hospital could be more accommo­dating to other patients who use the same program Randall did for so many years. The remodeling ex­panded the space of the rehab ward to double its original size and gave of­fice spaces to the workers who help the patients in the ward. They also added a handicapped accessi­ble restroom contained in the unit. The remodeling started in November and finished last week.

“We are so excited. We got more space and it’s go­ing to be a beautiful en­vironment to work in, to take care of our patients,” Boyd said.