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Hillsdale Hospital Reports on Service, Quality and Growth from Fiscal Year 2023

Annual Report from Hillsdale Hospital Available to Community

HILLSDALE, Mich.— Hillsdale Hospital recently released its 2023 Annual Report to the community, showcasing results and successes from its most recent fiscal year, which ended June 30. The report covers the hospital’s five pillars of work—people, service, quality, finance and growth.

“Fiscal year 2023 brought us countless ups and downs, but we’re excited to share some highlights in our annual report. It reflects our steadfast determination to provide high-quality care for our community through thick and thin,” said Jeremiah J. Hodshire, president and chief executive officer.

The number of such instances of care delivered from July 2022 to June 2023 totaled in the hundreds of thousands. Hospital admissions included 407 patients in the psychiatric unit, 267 in its skilled nursing facility, and 1,483 for acute care. The hospital’s team delivered 391 babies and performed 2,299 surgeries. The hospital and its clinics provided 367,210 outpatient visits, as well as 18,930 in the emergency room. In fiscal year 2023, the hospital also provided 7,026 home care visits.

“As a small, rural hospital, we’re always looking for new ways to increase our capacity for patient volume,” Hodshire said. “We’re also investing in new services like vascular surgery and infusion care so that our community’s greatest needs can be met locally by a team that cares.”

In addition to vascular and infusion services, the hospital also brought PET-CT scan to Hillsdale with a mobile PET unit in December, 2022.

Hillsdale Hospital received national recognition as a 2023 Top Workplace USA and a 2023 Healthcare Top Workplace. The Detroit Free Press recognized the hospital as a 2022 Top Workplace in the state of Michigan. Two Hillsdale Hospital departments, cardiopulmonary and obstetrics, were recognized with the Gallup Exceptional Team Award, which is based on an annual employee engagement survey.

The results of the hospital’s patient experience surveys also demonstrate the high level of quality and care provided by its patient care teams.

“During this period, we saw an increase in patients rating our inpatient care, home care and emergency room,” John Robertson, chief quality, information and technology officer, said. “On average, our hospital performed better than 80 percent of hospitals nationwide for responsiveness of hospital staff and for discharge information.”

Hillsdale Hospital launched a new feature on its website, hillsdalehospital.com, in fiscal year 2023, for patients to review and rate providers. The average provider rating was 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The hospital’s economic impact totaled more than $39.9 million, including salaries and wages, employee benefits and capital investments. During this reporting period, the hospital’s payer mix was 44% Medicare, 23% Medicaid, 18% Blue Cross, 13% commercial and 2% uninsured.

“The financial landscape of the entire healthcare industry has been, and continues to be, extremely challenging, both for large health systems and small rural community hospitals like Hillsdale Hospital,” said Mark Gross, chief financial officer. “Healthcare reimbursement is not keeping pace with the overall impact of labor challenges and inflation. Fortunately, Hillsdale Hospital is financially secure and can weather this storm. Initiatives like Hillsdale Strong. Hillsdale First. will help sustain the mission of Hillsdale Hospital.”

During the pandemic, Hillsdale Hospital launched its #HillsdaleStrong campaign, and in 2023, this was expanded into a communications and community engagement campaign, Hillsdale Strong. Hillsdale First. This campaign is designed to promote the high-quality continuum of care available, encouraging the public to choose Hillsdale Hospital’s services first to make the entire community stronger.

Hillsdale Strong. Hillsdale First. points directly to the ways that our community stood behind us throughout the challenges of COVID-19,” explained Hodshire. “We’re stronger as a hospital because we place our patients first, and we’re stronger as an entire community when those patients choose us first, too.

To view the full annual report, visit www.hillsdalehospital.com/report.