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A Holistic Approach to Women’s Health: The Women’s Pelvic Floor Center at Hillsdale Hospital

When it comes to treating women’s pelvic health issues, Hillsdale Hospital knows that a comprehensive care plan provides the best patient outcomes. To make this level of care possible, we opened the Women’s Pelvic Floor Center at the end of 2022. Now, nearly a year later, we have seen the powerful impact this multi-disciplinary approach has had on our patients.

“Prior to the opening of the Pelvic Floor Center, Hillsdale already offered many of the services we now offer at the center,” said OB-GYN Dr. Brian Sinischo. “But this new facility allows us to take a much more synergistic approach to each patient’s unique health needs, which in turn, makes treating even complex problems easier and more successful.”

The Pelvic Floor Center provides treatment for many conditions related to women’s pelvic health, but most notably, women can seek care for:
› Bladder issues (overactive bladder, pain, leakage, prolapse)
› Bowel dysfunction (loss of bowel control, bowel frequency)
› Vaginal issues (bulging, pressure, discomfort)
› General pelvic pain

To treat this range of conditions, Hillsdale has providers and partnerships with a range of specialties, including urology, gynecology, physiotherapy and general surgery.

Together, the provider team shares their mix of expertise to holistically treat pelvic conditions in a way that a visit with just one provider from one specialty cannot replicate.

Each treatment at the Women’s Pelvic Floor Center is completely personalized to the patient’s healthcare needs.

“It really depends on the type of problem the patient has,” explained urologist Dr. Margeaux Dennis.

“Treatment strategies can range from conservative measures with pelvic floor physical therapy and medications, to office-based procedures or even surgical interventions.”

The power of combining medical disciplines in one place provides patients with the best opportunity to heal or manage their pelvic conditions. Improved communication between patients and providers optimizes treatment plans and keeps patients better informed so they feel like they have a voice in their care. And one centralized location reduces the stress of traveling to multiple appointments.

“We are truly here for our patients,” Dr. Sinischo said. “We want their input, to talk through things, and then to make care decisions together.”

For any women experiencing pelvic floor issues, we highly encourage you to explore treatment and care options at the Pelvic Floor Center. Relief is not far away.

“Until recently, very few practitioners took ownership of helping women who have pelvic floor issues. Hillsdale was happy to be on the frontier of helping women with these common issues,” explained Dr. Dennis. “Despite what many people think, women experiencing pelvic floor conditions do not have to live that way! Whether it is frequent trips to the bathroom, urine or bowel leakage, pain, vaginal discomfort or vaginal pressure – these conditions, and many others, are very treatable.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing pelvic floor issues, ask a primary care provider for a referral to the Women’s Pelvic Floor Center (located in the Three Meadows Medical Building). You can also learn more or make an appointment directly by calling the center at (517) 797-5321.