Hillsdale Strong. Hillsdale First.

How to Choose Hillsdale First For Your Care

You have a choice! Advocate for yourself as a patient to choose Hillsdale First.

Click here for Printable How-To Guide

Connect with one of our primary care providers!

If you don’t already have a primary care provider, get connected with one of ours! You can see a complete listing at hillsdalehospital.com/carenow.

Directly ask to receive your care at Hillsdale Hospital!

If your provider or specialist is referring you for imaging, lab work, outpatient services, etc., tell them you want to receive your care in Hillsdale and ask them to refer you to Hillsdale Hospital. If they say they’ve referred you somewhere else already, ask them to change it. Where you receive your healthcare is up to you!

Confirm Hillsdale can provide the type of care you need!

If you’re asking to be referred to Hillsdale Hospital or one of our providers and you are told that Hillsdale doesn’t or can’t offer that service or specialty, visit our services listing or provider directory or give us a call at (517) 437-4451 to confirm. Other locations and systems aren’t always aware of what our capabilities are and may be operating on incorrect or outdated information.

Stay up-to-date on our services and specialties!

If you need a particular service, specialty or program that you’re not sure we have, check our website to find out before going to another provider. For a comprehensive listings of services and providers, visit our services listing or provider directory.

Other Ways to Engage & Choose Hillsdale First

We have your back and you have ours! Here are a few other ways you can support Hillsdale Hospital.

Make a charitable donation to Hillsdale Hospital!

You can designate that your gift be used for a specific purpose or area of the hospital, or you can choose for it to applied to the area of highest need. You can mail us a check or give securely online! Click here for all the details on giving to Hillsdale Hospital.

Share your support on social media!

Use your voice to share your positive experiences with Hillsdale Hospital and how our team has impacted your life, your family’s life or your community. Be sure to tag Hillsdale Hospital on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Give of your time and give back through volunteering!

We have Auxiliary, high school and college volunteer opportunities. You can choose from different areas within the hospital to volunteer. More information is available on our Volunteer page!