The Human Resources Department (HR) functions as a strategic business partner, employee advocate and administrator. As a strategic business partner, HR plays a major role in optimizing the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness in striving to achieve identified hospital organizational strategies and objectives. In its role as employee champion, HR ensures that managers treat workers fairly and that all employees have equal opportunities. As administrator, HR carries out the hospital’s policies, programs, benefits and services in an equitable and consistent manner in accordance with Federal, State and local laws and regulations.

HR plays a key role in aligning work relationships to include:

  • The appropriate mix of regular full-time, part-time, and casual employees
  • The recruitment, selection and retention of staff
  • The assurance of competency at all levels including licensure and certification verification
  • Training and development of the workforce
  • Employee recognition/reward and corrective action

HR serves approximately 485 employees. HR is staffed with a full-time VP of Human Resources & Corporate Compliance, Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resource Assistant, and Education & Development Coordinator.

Current Job Openings

We invite you to make application for any available openings for which you may qualify. A listing of job openings, if any, is posted on this Website under the Job Openings tab.


For additional information please contact:

Dawn VanAken

Dawn Brewton
Human Resources Benefits Coordinator
Phone: (517)437-5238
Fax: (517)437-5215

Stacy Feltz

Stacy Feltz
VP, Human Resources &
Corporate Compliance 
Phone:  (517)437-1731
Fax: (517)437-5215