Home Health Care

Hillsdale Hospital provides a continuum of care from hospital to home. The goal of home care is maintaining clients’ independence in their own home. Our goal is to enhance an individual’s quality of life and prevent unnecessary hospitalization or facility placement. We can meet your health care needs from infancy to senior citizen. We accept most insurance.

Home Health Services by Discipline

  • Skilled Nursing – RN’s – Patient Self Care Education, Injections, Catheter Care, Ostomy Care.
  • Physical Therapists – Provide pain management, individual instruction on home exercise, instruction on activities of daily living, walking, getting out of bed, safe use of walkers/canes, heat, cold and massage therapies.
  • Occupational Therapists – Assist patients in restoring functional independence and self care; improve ability to perform activities of daily living, energy conservation, and bathroom safety.
  • Speech Therapists – Assist patients in restoring communication, evaluate swallowing disorders, evaluate and treat speech and language disorders.
  • Home Health Aides (HHA) – Assist patients with grooming, personal hygiene and toileting, provide companionship and assist with other activities of daily living.
  • Medical Social Worker – Perform home assessments to identify social, emotional, financial concerns of family and patient, help the family to access a variety of community resources.