Code of Commitment

Dear Applicant,
Prior to completing an application for consideration of employment, you must review and agree to adhere to the Hillsdale Hospital Code of Commitment encompassing; professionalism, customer services, quality and teamwork.


I recognize that I will be the reputation of Hillsdale Hospital and therefore will exhibit professionalism in my appearance, communication, phone etiquette, behavior

Customer Service

I recognize my treatment of patients and visitors will determine the success or failure of Hillsdale Hospital and I will therefore exhibit courtesy, gratitude, offering respect and privacy for our patients and their families and will provide service recovery when a member of our team does not provide excellent customer service.


As a member of Hillsdale Hospital, I will provide the highest level of quality through demonstrating integrity and personal accountability for the care I give, demonstrate compassion to every person I meet on our campus, and promote the health and safety of patients and their families.


I recognize that every employee and contracted service of Hillsdale Hospital makes a valuable contribution to the patient experience and as such I will demonstrate positive and upbeat communication with the team I am assigned to work. I will remain accountable for my actions to co-workers and will treat patient and employee information confidentially. I will ensure that all patients receive a warm and friendly handoff to another co-worker so that care is uninterrupted.

I understand that I am Hillsdale Hospital and because of the care I give, the attention that I pay and the attitude I exhibit, Hillsdale Hospital will remain the best place for providing excellent health care services.

I understand it is my responsibility to know and adhere to these established standards of behavior should I become a member of the Hillsdale Hospital Team.
I agree