"The hospital has made several improvements in the last few years. The changes are wonderful."

"During my first hospital stay in life, I had excellent treatment from everyone."

"As a small rural hospital, it is the best."

"I had a great experience in the OB unit during and after delivery of my baby. The nurses and doctor were excellent."

"Radiology Department… Best service I have had!"

"Critical Care Unit…Your service was excellent – nurses, PCA's Drs – simply Excellent! Food was good; good humor from everyone."

"Radiology Department…Great!"

"Our local hospital does an excellent job."

"The hospital has a good cleaning crew. The hospital is always clean."

"All doctors and staff treated my husband with kindness and respect. We both have nothing but the highest praise for Hillsdale Hospital."

"The treatment I received at our local hospital and in the Center for Joint Replacement was absolutely first class. My feeling is that if you have the misfortune of requiring joint replacement surgery; you have the good fortune of having the health care providers at our local hospital in Hillsdale attend to your needs. I want to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent treatment I received during my entire knee replacement experience. "

"I had read the appointment time wrong and arrived one hour – twenty minutes late! They were so gracious and adjusted their appointments to get me in. I truly appreciate it!"

"I feel important when I come to Hillsdale Hospital. The health care providers give the impression of caring about me as a real person."

"Was very fast and friendly!"

"Excellent care and understanding"

"CCU – It was an excellent experience. The staff went out of their way to make us comfortable."

"The nursing staff couldn't have been more helpful or kind. My baby had a wonderful start to life with the attention and care she received here."

"I love this hospital and I will keep coming back here. I will keep bringing my daughters here also. Thank you for the nice care you give."

"Thank you so much for the care that we received at the hospital – you and the rest of the staff did a great job and it is much appreciated."